Documatic is an OpenDocument extension for Ruby Reports (Ruport). It is a template-driven formatter that can be used to produce attractive printable documents such as database reports, invoices, letters, faxes and more.

As of version 0.1.0, Documatic supports OpenDocument text and spreadsheet formats.


Documatic can be installed via Rubygems.

% gem install documatic


You can load Documatic as a gem when your program is initialised:

require 'rubygems'
require 'documatic'

Documatic will then be available as a formatter for your Ruport tables, groups and groupings. Rendering using an OpenDocument text template is done like this:

data.to_odt_template(:template_file => 'path/filename.odt',
                     :output_file   => 'output-path/filename.odt')

Rendering using an OpenDocument spreadsheet is done like this:

data.to_ods_template(:template_file => 'path/filename.ods',
                     :output_file   => 'output-path/filename.ods')

Documatic creates the output path if required.


Documatic is (p) Public Domain 2007, no rights reserved.

Documatic comes with no warranty whatsoever.


Zachris note may 2010 Documatic seems to be unmaintained. Please read the sourcecode or discuss on