Documatic is an OpenDocument extension for Ruby Reports (Ruport). It is a template-driven formatter that can be used to produce attractive printable documents such as database reports, invoices, letters, faxes and more.

As of version 0.1.0, Documatic supports OpenDocument text and spreadsheet formats.


Documatic can be installed via Rubygems.

% gem install documatic


You can load Documatic as a gem when your program is initialised:

require 'rubygems'
require 'documatic'

Documatic will then be available as a formatter for your Ruport tables, groups and groupings. Rendering using an OpenDocument text template is done like this:

data.to_odt_template(:template_file => 'path/filename.odt',
                     :output_file   => 'output-path/filename.odt')

Rendering using an OpenDocument spreadsheet is done like this:

data.to_ods_template(:template_file => 'path/filename.ods',
                     :output_file   => 'output-path/filename.ods')

Documatic creates the output path if required.

The wiki (see below) has more documentation and examples, plus simple tutorials to illustrate how text and spreadsheet rendering works.


0.2.0, released 26-APR-2008.


Documatic is (p) Public Domain 2007, no rights reserved.

Documatic comes with no warranty whatsoever.


See the Documatic Trac page at The wiki is the main source of information for end-users. The tracking system is where bug reports should be filed.

Users can discuss Documatic on the Ruby Reports mailing list at

The Subversion repository for Documatic is at

The Rubyforge project page for Documatic is at The Documatic rubygem is distributed from there.

For any other enquiries please contact Dave Nelson (urbanus at 240gl dot org).