Rails3 engine that brings OAuth2 Provider support to your application.

Current OAuth2 Specification Draft:


  • integrate OAuth2 authentication with Devise authenthentication stack
  • one-stop-shop includes all Models, Controllers and Views to get up and running quickly
  • All server requests support authentication via bearer token included in the request.
  • customizable mount point for oauth2 routes (ex: /oauth2 vs /oauth)


  • Devise authentication library
  • Rails 3.1 or higher


Install gem

# Gemfile
gem 'devise_oauth2_providable'

Migrate database for Oauth2 models

$ rake devise_oauth2_providable:install:migrations
$ rake db:migrate

Add Oauth2 Routes

# config/routes.rb
Rails.application.routes.draw do
  # oauth routes can be mounted to any path (ex: /oauth2 or /oauth)
  mount Devise::Oauth2Providable::Engine => '/oauth2'

Configure User for supported Oauth2 flows

class User
  # NOTE: include :database_authenticatable configuration
  # if supporting Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant Type
  devise :oauth2_providable, 

(optional) Configure token expiration settings

# config/application.rb
config.devise_oauth2_providable.access_token_expires_in         = 1.second # 15.minute default
config.devise_oauth2_providable.refresh_token_expires_in        = 1.minute # 1.month default
config.devise_oauth2_providable.authorization_token_expires_in  = 5.seconds # 1.minute default



registered OAuth2 client for storing the unique client_id and client_secret.


Short lived token used by clients to perform subsequent requests (see bearer token spec)

expires after 15min by default. to customize the duration of the access token:

Devise::Oauth2Providable::AccessToken.default_lifetime = 1.minute


Long lived token used by clients to request new access tokens without requiring user intervention to re-authorize.

expires after 1 month by default. to customize the duration of refresh token:

Devise::Oauth2Providable::RefreshToken.default_lifetime = 1.year


Very short lived token created to allow a client to request an access token after a user has gone through the authorization flow.

expires after 1min by default. to customize the duration of the authorization code:

Devise::Oauth2Providable::AuthorizationCode.default_lifetime = 5.minutes



Endpoint to start client authorization flow. Models, controllers and views are included for out of the box deployment.

Supports the Authorization Code and Implicit grant types.


Endpoint to request access token. See grant type documentation for supported flows.

Grant Types

Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant Type

in order to use the Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant Type, your Devise model must be configured with the :database_authenticatable option

Client Credentials Grant Type

Authorization Code Grant Type

Implicit Grant Type

Refresh Token Grant Type


  • Fork the project
  • Fix the issue
  • Add unit tests
  • Submit pull request on github

See CONTRIBUTORS.txt for list of project contributors

Copyright (c) 2011 Socialcast, Inc. See LICENSE.txt for further details.