A devise extension for remote user authentication.

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Add to Gemfile:

gem 'devise-remote-user'


bundle install

Sorry, there are no generators yet, so ...

  • Add :remote_user_authenticatable symbol to devise statement in User model, before other authentication strategies (e.g., :database_authenticatable).
  • Add before_filter :authenticate_user! to ApplicationController, if not already present. This ensures that remote user is logged in locally (via database)

Configuration options:

  • env_key - String (default: 'REMOTE_USER'). Request environment key for the remote user id.
  • attribute_map - Hash (default: {}). Map of User model attributes to request environment keys for updating the local user when auto-creation is enabled.
  • auto_create - Boolean (default: false). Whether to auto-create a local user from the remote user attributes. Note: Also requires adding the Warden callbacks as shown below.
  • auto_update - Boolean (default: false). Whether to auto-update authenticated user attributes from remote user attributes.
  • logout_url - String (default: '/'). For redirecting to a remote user logout URL after signing out of the Rails application. Include DeviseRemoteUser::ControllerBehavior in your application controller to enable (by overriding Devise's after_sign_out_path_for).

Set options in a Rails initializer (e.g., config/intializers/devise.rb):

require 'devise_remote_user'

DeviseRemoteUser.configure do |config|
  config.env_key = 'REMOTE_USER'
  config.auto_create = true
  config.auto_update = true
  config.attribute_map = {email: 'mail'}
  config.logout_url = ""


rake ci runs the test suite.