Ruby Devil version

Ruby bindings for the Developer’s Image Library You need DevIL installed to use this extension

The Ruby Devil Project page is here: []

Installation Instructions:

For debian:

  • install the libdevil and libdevil-dev packages

For Gentoo:

  • emerge “media-libs/devil”

For windows:

For macosx:

  • sudo port install libdevil

For other systems:

  • install libdevil and lib-devil-dev using your package manager

  • OR download and install the libraries from []

After you’ve installed the DevIL libraries you install the gem by going:

  • gem install devil

If you wish to use the Gosu and TexPlay extensions, it is necessary to also have:

  • the Gosu gem (gem install gosu)

  • the TexPlay gem (gem install texplay)

  • ruby-opengl (gem install ruby-opengl)

For now, there is support for just a subset of DevIL functions, but it is enough for 95% things you may want to do.

For example uses, see test/ directory (note: that many of the examples use the Gosu library…this is often just for visualization purposes. Alot of the functionality does not depend on Gosu being present)