The dependency-checker tool validates dependencies in Puppet modules against the latest published versions on the Puppet Forge. This means that it will ensure that a module supports the latest version of all the dependencies it declares.


Install via RubyGems:

$ gem install dependency_checker

Or add it to your Gemfile:

gem 'dependency_checker'


Run against a single Puppet module metadata.json file to ensure that the module supports the current versions of all the dependencies it declares:

$ dependency-checker /path/to/metadata.json

Run against a whole list of modules to ensure that each module supports the current version of the dependencies it declares. You can use a YAML or JSON file containing an array of modules (namespace-module). The file can be local or remote:

$ dependency-checker managed_modules.yaml
$ dependency-checker

Run against many modules on your filesystem with a path wildcard:

$ dependency-checker modules/*/metadata.json

Run against all modules in an author's Forge namespace, optionally filtering to only supported/approved/partner endorsements:

$ dependency-checker --namespace puppetlabs
$ dependency-checker --namespace puppetlabs --supported
$ dependency-checker --namespace puppet --approved

Run it inside a module or group of modules during a pre-release to determine the effect of version bumps in the metadata.json file(s):

$ dependency-checker -c
$ dependency-checker -c ../*/metadata.json

Or you can supply an override value directly:

$ dependency-checker ../*/metadata.json -o puppetlabs/stdlib,10.0.0

The tool defaults to validating all modules supported by the Puppet CAT team if no module specification arguments are provided.

The following optional parameters are available:

Usage: dependency-checker [options]
    -o, --override module,version    Forge name of module and semantic version to override
    -c, --current                    Extract override version from metadata.json inside current working directory
    -n, --namespace namespace        Check all modules in a given namespace (filter with endorsements).
        --endorsement endorsement    Filter a namespace search by endorsement (supported/approved/partner).
        --es, --supported            Shorthand for `--endorsement supported`
        --ea, --approved             Shorthand for `--endorsement approved`
        --ep, --partner              Shorthand for `--endorsement partner`
    -v, --[no-]verbose               Run verbosely
    -h, --help                       Display help

The -o and -c arguments are exclusive, as are the endorsement filtering options.

Testing with dependency-checker as a Rake task

You can also integrate dependency-checker checks into your tests using a Rake task:

require 'dependency_checker'

desc 'Run dependency-checker'
task :metadata_deps do
  files = FileList['modules/*/metadata.json']
  runner =