Participatory processes are the standard Decidim's participatory space.

A participatory process:

  • can define its own steps
  • can define helper text
  • can attach different components (such as meetings or proposals) with different configurations to each of them.
  • can have attachments
  • can be associated to custom categories
  • can be promoted
  • can be a private process, and only users with permissions can see the process
  • special content can be added to the process or superprocess home
  • can show statistics on process home.
  • are fully manageable via an administration UI.


This module provides:

  • A CRUD engine to manage participatory processes.

  • Public views for participatory process via a high level section in the main menu.


This is on the default Decidim installation so you shouldn't change anything to use this participatory space.


Public View

Admin View


Read more about this Space on Admin Manual.


See Decidim.


See Decidim.