Fork of debugger-ruby_core_source that uses included Ruby headers (*.h and *.inc) instead of downloading them. Used by debase. Only ruby >= 2.0.0 is supported (debase doesn't work for older rubies)


Example use in extconf.rb:

require 'debase/ruby_core_source'
hdrs = proc { have_header("vm_core.h") and have_header("iseq.h") }
dir_config("ruby") # allow user to pass in non-standard core include directory
if !Debase::RubyCoreSource::create_makefile_with_core(hdrs, "foo")
  # error

To add another ruby version's source to this gem's directory:

$ rake add_source VERSION=2.1.3 PATCHLEVEL=242

add_source can use pre-downloaded .tgz (use TGZ_FILE_NAME to pass it) also it can extract patch level from version.h of downloaded sources, so PATCHLEVEL variable is optional.

Adding pre-release versions. For pre-releases PATCHLEVEL should not be provided, as it is not present in distribution. To find sources of pre-release versions, this gem will look in Debase::RubyCoreSource::REVISION_MAP hash. Please add respective entry into this hash on adding pre-release version sources.


  • @valich for 2.5.0-preview1 headers and src-based ruby support
  • @dirknilius for 2.2.3 headers
  • @andremedeiros for 2.1.1 headers
  • @formigarafa for fixing 2.1.0 headers


Ruby library code is MIT license, see LICENSE.txt. Included ruby headers, lib/debase/ruby_core_source/, are mostly Ruby license, see RUBY_LICENSE. Some headers have their own licenses, see LEGAL.