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Days is simple blog system built up with Sinatra.


$ gem install days

Set up

$ mkdir foo && cd foo
$ days init
$ days migration

Start development server

$ days server

Access /admin/setup path to setup admin user.


edit config.yml. We're using settingslogic to use namespace based on environment.

  • permalink: URL Style for permalink. String like {TAG} in URL will replaced with something.

    • Example: /{year}/{month}/{id}-{slug} with entry published in Jan 2013, slug: slug and id: 42/2013/01/42-slug
    • {slug} - entry slug
    • {id} - entry id
    • {year} - year that entry published
    • {month} - month that entry published
    • {day} - day that entry published
    • {hour} - hour that entry published
    • {minute} - minute that entry published
    • {second} - second that entry published
  • title: Your blog title.

  • database: Database configuration. This will be passed to ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection.


Days is basically Rack app, so you can deploy using thin, unicorn, and puma, etc.

Deploy to Heroku

First, prepare days app repository

$ days init
$ vim config.yml

group :production do
  gem "pg"

$ bundle install --without production
$ git init && git add . && git commit -m 'initial'

Then, create heroku apps and prepare heroku postgres database:

$ heroku apps:create
$ heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql:dev && heroku pg:wait
$ heroku pg:promote `heroku config | grep HEROKU_POSTGRESQL|cut -d: -f 1`

Next, push repository to heroku.

$ git push -u heroku master

Finally, migrate the DB and restart the app.

$ heroku run days migrate production
$ heroku restart

Now, you can access to your new blog by:

$ heroku apps:open

Access /admin/setup path to setup admin user.


Fork and give me pull-request, please!


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