Danger Plugin API contract

This repo contains a single gem, it represents the current version of the API, and what the minimum version of Danger supports it.

Check the current version by clicking: lib/danger/plugin/api/version.rb.

This frees plugin authors from being tied to a project which is aggressive on semantic versioning. As long as the plugin API stays the same then as an author you can be safe in the knowledge that a version bump on Danger has not changed the external API.

What do I define as a public API?

Well that one is a bit tricky, for plugins that is anything that can be found on the Danger.Systems#reference. Additions to the exposed DSL probably won't get bumps to this gem's versions, but breaking changes e.g. removals or renames definitely will.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/[USERNAME]/danger-plugin-api. This project is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration, and contributors are expected to adhere to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.