Danger Mention

A Danger plugin to automatically mention potential reviewers on pull requests on GitHub and GitLab.

Note: This plugin uses the web-scraping of GitHub.com and GitLab to detect the authors to find potential reviewers. This might cause the plugin to break if either of those pages introduce design changes.


$ gem install danger-mention


The easiest way to use is just add this to your Dangerfile:

Running plugin with reviewers count specified

# Find maximum two reviewers
mention.run(2, [], [])
Running plugin with some files blacklisted

# Find reviewers without parsing blame information
# from files matching to 'Pods/*'
mention.run(2, ["Pods/*"], [])
Running plugin with some users blacklisted

# Find reviewers ignoring users 'wojteklu' and 'danger'
mention.run(2, [], ["wojteklu", "danger"])


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. See the LICENSE file.