Datomic for JRuby

NB: This project is very alpha. Expect things to change rapidly and without warning.

John Dalton

The basics

connection = Dalton::Connection.connect("datomic:mem://my-cool-db")

# transactions!
connection.transact([:'db/add', Dalton::Utility.tempid('db.part/db'), :'db/ident', :'hello/world'])

# latest db
db = connection.refresh

# querying
connection.db.query([:find, '?e', :where, ['?e', :'db/ident', :'hello/world']])


  • Remove the dependency on Zweikopf and restructure data handling over the bridge
  • More and better docs, especially for Dalton::Model
  • Test-drive Dalton::Model's design and fill in missing features
  • Remove the internal @db reference from Dalton::Connection
  • Improve naming of Dalton::Utility functions and consider extending / separating
  • Non-Jruby support, potentially through transit and a local peer server