= Net::DAAP



This library is used for browsing iTunes DAAP servers.

== Installation

sudo gem install daapclient

Also, check out the project page here[http://rubyforge.org/projects/daapclient].

== Example Usage

See the EXAMPLES[link://files/EXAMPLES.html] file

== Acknowledgments

The library is mostly a port of the Perl library, and owes most of its
communication logic to the original Perl version by Richard Clamp.

Most of this is based off the work in the perl version by Richard Clamp which
can be found here[http://search.cpan.org/~rclamp/].

== Author

This Ruby version is Copyright (c) Aaron Patterson 2005

It also comes with a shameless plug for employment coding Ruby, my most
favorite language! ;-)

== License

This library is distributed under the GPL. Please see the LICENSE[link://files/LICENSE.html] file.