DA-Suspenders is a base Rails application that you can upgrade.

This is a fork of thoughtbot's original Suspenders, customized to our needs.


First install the da-suspenders gem:

gem install da-suspenders

Then run:

da-suspenders create projectname

This will create a Rails 3.2 app in projectname. This script creates a new git repository. It is not meant to be used against an existing repo.


If you want to create an app using Mongoid pass the --with-mongoid option:

da-suspenders create projectname --with-mongoid


DA-Suspenders uses Trout to make it easier to maintain a base version of special files (like Gemfile) in Suspenders.

Whenever you want to get the latest and greatest files from DA-Suspenders’, run:

trout update-all

You can use trout list to check which files are tracked by Trout, and trout update FILENAME if you want to update just a single file only.


To see the latest and greatest gems, look at DA-Suspenders' template/trout/Gemfile, which will be copied into your projectname/Gemfile.

It includes application gems like:

And testing gems like:

  • Steak and Capybara-Webkit for integration testing including Javascript behavior
  • RSpec for awesome, readable isolation testing
  • Factory Girl for easier creation of test data
  • Timecop for dealing with time
  • Pry, a powerful alternative to IRB (try binding.pry inside a test method)

Some gems are commented out by default in the Gemfile – just uncomment the ones you want to use.

Other goodies

DA-Suspenders also comes with:

  • Additional staging environment.
  • German localization and timezone setting.
  • Rails' flashes set up and in application layout.

See template/files to see what is installed via Trout.


DA-Suspenders is created by DIE ANTWORT, based on Suspenders created and funded by thoughtbot, inc.