Cuke4Duke is an addon to Cucumber, making it possible to write step definitions in several different JVM languages.

Building Cuke4Duke

First of all, you need Maven installed. Then you’ll need git

You’ll also need JRuby installed to build Cuke4Duke. If you’re on OS X or Linux it’s recommended you install JRuby with RVM

With JRuby installed – bootstrap your environment by installing some gems:

Using RVM:

gem install bundler && bundle install

Not using RVM:

jruby -S gem install bundler && jruby -S bundle install

With the gems installed, build the whole shebang (including the examples):

Using RVM:

rake build_all

Not using RVM:

jruby -S rake build_all

Release process

First, bump the release number:

rake remove_snapshots

Build again:

rake build_all

If all is OK, commit:

git commit -m "Release"

And release:

rake release

Finally, bump version:

rake add_snapshots

And commit again:

git commit -am "Starting new development cycle"