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Overridable step definitions for Cucumber

Cucumber raises an error if more than one step definitions match a step.

This gem provides a way to mark step definitions as overridable, meaning that they can always be overshadowed by a more specific version without raising an error.


Marking step definitions as overridable

To mark a step definition as overridable, call #overridable on the definition object:

Given /^there is a movie with a (.*?) tone$/ do

Given /^there is a movie with a funny tone$/ do

The following step will now no longer raise Cucumber::Ambiguous:

Given there is a movie with a funny tone

If a step matches more than one non-overridable steps, Cucumber will still raise Cucumber::Ambiguous.

Defining priorities

You can define priorities for overridable steps by passing an numeric :priority option to #overridable:

Given /^there is a movie with a (.*?) tone$/ do
end.overridable(priority: 1)

Given /^there is a movie with a (sad|upbeat|disturbing) tone$/ do
end.overridable(priority: 5)

A higher priority wins the match.

A non-overridable step will always win over an overridable step regardless of its priority.

Supported Cucumber versions

cucumber_priority is tested against Cucumber 1.3, 2.4, 3.0 and 3.1.


In your Gemfile say:

gem 'cucumber_priority'

Now run bundle install and restart your server.


There are tests in spec. We only accept PRs with tests. To run tests:

  • Install Ruby 2.5.0
  • Install development dependencies using bundle install
  • Run tests using bundle exec rspec

We recommend to test large changes against multiple versions of Ruby and multiple dependency sets. Supported combinations are configured in .travis.yml. We provide some rake tasks to help with this:

  • Install development dependencies using bundle matrix:install
  • Run tests using bundle matrix:spec

Note that we have configured Travis CI to automatically run tests in all supported Ruby versions and dependency sets after each push. We will only merge pull requests after a green Travis build.

If you would like to contribute:

  • Fork the repository.
  • Push your changes with passing specs.
  • Send us a pull request.

I'm very eager to keep this gem leightweight and on topic. If you're unsure whether a change would make it into the gem talk to me beforehand.


Henning Koch from makandra