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This gem adds an import action in every controller you like to be able to handle csv imports. It includes the complete workflow:

  • CSV file upload
  • Field mapping with review
  • Creating model records


Rails >= 3.2.6 and Ruby >= 1.8.7*

*) If you want to use CSV magic with Ruby 1.8.7 you have to add gem 'faster_csv' to your Gemfile


Install as gem:

$ gem install csv_magic

Or in your apps Gemfile:

gem 'csv_magic', :git => 'git://'
# Uncomment next line if you want to use csv_magic with Ruby 1.8
# gem 'faster_csv', :github => 'glennfu/faster_csv', :platform => :ruby_18


Set up a new route to point to the import action (get & post will be needed!):

# routes.rb
resources :myresource do
  get 'import', :on => :collection
  post 'import', :on => :collection

Include it in your Controller:

include CSVMagic::ControllerActions

Set up the fields to map to:

# your_controller.rb
  :mapping => {
    "Firstname" => :firstname,
    "Lastname"  =>  :lastname

See also the implementation in spec/dummy app!


Nearly any part of the gem can be overridden!

The views

To override the views place a csv_magic folder inside your apps app/views folder.

  • import.html.erb => The import view, where the form is placed on
  • mapper.html.erb => The mapper view, where the mapping happens
  • import_errors.html.erb => The import errors view, where import errors while be shown

The actions

To override the actions just define the method you want to override inside your controller.

Just have a look into lib/controller_actions.rb file to see the methods.


This gem is heavily based on Andrew Timberlake's map-fields-gem.

Nevertheless we didn't fork it, because the changes are too fundamental.


MIT License. Copyright 2012 magic labs*