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This script converts a csv file of translations into iOS .strings files and vice-versa.


  • Ruby 1.9.2 or adbove
  • Needs ICU. Via brew install icu4c on Mac or apt-get install libicu-dev on Linux


gem install csv2strings


  • Convert csv to localizable strings files:

csv2strings <csvfilename>

  • Convert localizable strings files to csv:

strings2csv <stringsfile1> <stringsfile2>

  • Use configuration file

You can use a configuration file to hold all your commandline arguments into a file (previous versions i18n_config.rb). Place .csvconverter file (edit if needed) in the folder with your xx.lproj and call the script from there. See .csvconverter.sample


If you feel like it, just create a pull request with a branch like feature/<nameofbranch> to develop branch


Edge version can be found on develop branch.

Run bundle install to install all the dependencies. Tests are done with Test::Unit so run rake test to run all the test suite.

Todo & Known issues

See GitHub issues

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