Quick screen capture and sharing application for Mac OS X.

By programmers for programmers

While I would love to tinker with this to make it easy to install (it is really easy to use once it is setup), it proved to be non-trivial.

So, I am making some assumptions about the environment that captured runs in. In particular it expects:

  • A decent understanding of scp and ssh
  • That Growl (and the growlnotify command-line tool) are installed

With that said, once things are installed and configured it really is handy.


to install captured:

$ sudo gem install captured
$ captured --install
$ open -e ~/.captured.yml

Then you will need to exit that config file with the appropriate settings for your server.

When you install it will copy an example config file to ~/.captured.yml, which has a few examples of possible configuration types.

The simplest of this is to the scp type:

  • user - optional if your remote user is the same as your local user
  • password - optional if you have setup key pair authentication
  • host - the remote host name
  • url - the public url to the remote host+path
  • path - the remote path to upload to

      type: scp
      user: user
      password: secret
      path: path/to/captured/
      url: ""


Icons from the Crystal Clear icon set by Everaldo Coelho. – The icons are licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).


Copyright (c) 2009 Christopher Sexton. See LICENSE for details.