Crowbar: Client

This tool is a complete reimplementation of the old CLI scripts of Crowbar. It is intended to be installable standalone on any machine with access to the Crowbar admin network. It is the recommended command line interface to manage Crowbar from remote or locally on the Crowbar server itself.

The Crowbar Framework is currently maintained by SUSE as an OpenStack installation framework but is prepared to be a much broader function tool. It was originally developed by the Dell CloudEdge Solutions Team.


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To install this simple ruby gem you can check your package manager if it is available for you, alternatively you can just install the ruby gem if you have a running ruby stack on your machine with this command:

gem install crowbar-client


crowbar-client can be configured by placing a .crowbarrc file in your $HOME directory. For details about the options see the default configuration file.


crowbarctl help


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