A straight-forward client for CouchDB REST API

The intend of this project is to provide a plain, straight-forward abstraction of the CouchDB REST API. The resources exposed by the API are simply wrapped into classes.

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An example

server = CouchDB::Server.new "localhost", 5984
database = CouchDB::Database.new server, "test"

document_one = CouchDB::Document.new database, "_id" => "test_document_1", "category" => "one"

document_two = CouchDB::Document.new database, "_id" => "test_document_2", "category" => "two"

design = CouchDB::Design.new database, "design_1"
view = CouchDB::Design::View.new design, "view_1",
  "function(document) { emit([ document['category'], document['_id'] ]); }"

collection = view.collection :startkey => [ "one", nil ], :endkey => [ "one", { } ]
collection.total_count # => 2
collection.size        # => 1
collection[0].id       # => "test_document_1"
collection[0].key      # => [ "one", "test_document_1" ]
collection[0].value    # => nil

collection.documents.include? document_one # => true
collection.documents.include? document_two # => false

This example creates a database on the local CouchDB server (if it’s missing) and stores two documents in it. It also creates a design document with a view, that makes it possible to select the results by the document’s category.

The collection call on that view, returns a subset of the results, by defining a start- and an endkey. The collection object itself acts as a proxy to the results. This first request of it’s content will actually fetch the data from the server.

If the results are accessed by the documents proxy, the include_docs parameter will be passed to the server and the delivered document hashes will be returned as an array of document (CouchDB::Document) objects.


This project is still under development. Any bug report and contribution is welcome!


Apart from contribution, support via Flattr is welcome.