Corzinus is plugin which have logic of cart and checkout. That will be useful for your online-store

  1. Get started
  2. Configuration
  3. What you get?

Get started

  1. On your gemfile: gem 'corzinus'
  2. Run bundle install
  3. Run rails g corzinus:install (configuration corzinus)
  4. Run rails g corzinus MODEL (Confirm run migration if you didn't do this)
  5. Start a server rails s and the cart will be available at /cart (if you chose default namespace: /cart)


In config/initializers/corzinus.rb

# Define person class
config.person_class = 'MyUserClass'

# Define checkout steps
config.checkout_steps = [:address, :delivery, :payment, :confirm, :complete]

Integration into the templates

= form_tag corzinus.order_items_path, method: :post do
  = hidden_field_tag :productable_id,
  = hidden_field_tag :productable_type, '@product.class.to_s'
  = hidden_field_tag :quantity, 1
  = button_tag 'Add to cart', type: :submit

What you get?


With corzinus you get all the functionality of the cart, necessary for a standard online-store

  • cart page with empty or filled condition
  • change the amount of chosen products
  • remove products from the cart
  • apply a coupon code for discount


With corzinus you get opportunity to ordering purchase by checkout. By default checkout has of 5 steps.

  1. :address – fill billing and shipping addresses
  2. :delivery – choose delivery method by selected shipping address in the previous step
  3. :payment – fill credit card requisites
  4. :confirm – show info about :address :delivery :payment steps
  5. :complete – show success message about finished order and sent a letter to the user's mail

[:address, :delivery, :payment] – are not required, so you can remove one/all of them [:confirm, :complete] – are required and can not be removed.

:delivery depends on the :address

You also can add custom step


Corzinus::Order is base model of Corzinus. It use in Cart and Checkout.

Order has attributes:

  • string :state
  • decimal :total_price
  • boolean :use_base_address

Order has relationships:

  • person
  • delivery
  • credit_card
  • coupon
  • order_items

Order has 5 states by gem Aasm

State Description
:in_progress User don't complete order (default state)
:processing User completed order and this order sent to administrator for processing
:in_transit Order in transit
:delivered Order delivered to the customer (finish state)
:canceled Canceled by the manager (finish state)

More info in Order