A delightful CLI UI module.


board =

You can use Cork to print simple messages.

board.puts('Hello World')

You can use notice to print notices to the user colored in green.

board.notice("We're out of ­čŹĚ.")

This is an example of Cork used to build a simple list.

board.section('Types of Wine') do
  board.labeled('Red', ['Shiraz', 'Merlot'])
  board.labeled('White', ['Gew├╝rztraminer', 'Riesling'])
Types of Wine
  - Red:
    - Shiraz
    - Merlot
  - White:
    - Gew├╝rztraminer
    - Riesling

This is an example of Cork used to print a warning with actions the user can take.

board.warn('Merlot is down to 1 oz', [
  'Purchase some more.'

[!] Merlot is down to 1 oz
    - Purchase some more.