Copy is a simple, Sinatra-based CMS (Copy Management System).

$ gem install copy and then generate a new site $ copy -n mynewsite

├── Gemfile              <- Uncomment the gems you need for storage.
├──            <- Configure storage, user, and password here.
├── public               <- The public root of your new site.
│   ├── favicon.ico      <- A blank favicon, replace with your own.
│   ├── images
│   ├── javascripts
│   │   └── main.js      <- A good place for your basic scripts.
│   ├── robots.txt       <- Read file for details.
│   └── stylesheets
│       └── main.css     <- Toss some CSS styles in here.
└── views                <- Your views, layouts, and partials live here.
    ├── index.html.erb
    └── layout.html.erb  <- Optional global layout file.

Copy automatically maps URLs to files in your views directory.

  • /index.html.erb
  • /aboutabout.html.erb or about/index.html.erb
  • /about/usabout/us.html.erb

Copy lets you define blocks of editable text in your views.

<% copy :contact do %>
  1 _Infinite_ Loop
  Cupertino, CA 95014
<% end %>

The text provided in the block will be saved and can then be edited live on the site. All content is formatted with Markdown. See demo for a live example or view the source.

Single line blocks will be rendered in a span (by default). Perfect for headlines.

<h1><% copy :title do %>Like a boss!<% end %></h1>

Partials can be rendered from any view with the partial helper. Their filenames are always prefixed with an underscore.

  • <%= partial 'nav' %> renders _nav.html.erb
  • <%= partial 'shared/details' %> renders shared/_details.html.erb


Copy supports multiple backends for storage: redis, mongodb, mysql, postgres, and sqlite.

Choosing and configuring your storage option is done in one line in your file by providing a connection URI.


Editing copy on your live site

Browse to /_copy and drag the "Edit Copy" link to your bookmarks bar. Return to your site, click the bookmark (you'll be prompted for your username and password) and then click on the highlighted text to edit it. That's it!

Build Status — © 2013 Javan Makhmali