Manage your contacts with reCaptcha.

Builds the form to get contacts on your site using reCaptcha and the Rails resources for managing your contacts.


  1. Add to your Gemfile: gem 'contactify'

  2. Run bundle

  3. Execute: rails generate contactify:install

  4. Run migrations: rake db:migrate

  5. Get your keys:

  6. Add your keys to: your_project/config/initializers/recaptcha.rb

  7. Add to your routes.rb: mount Contactify::Engine => "/contactify", :as => "contactify_engine"

  8. Add the link to the Contact Page: <%= link_to "New contact", contactify_engine.contact_us_path %>

  9. Add a link in your backend so you can manage your contacts: <%= link_to "Contacts", contactify.contacts_path %>