Generic connection pooling for Ruby.

MongoDB has its own connection pool. ActiveRecord has its own connection pool. This is a generic connection pool that can be used with anything, e.g. Redis, Dalli and other Ruby network clients.


gem install connection_pool


Create a pool of objects to share amongst the fibers or threads in your Ruby application:

@memcached = => 5, :timeout => 5) { }

Then use the pool in your application:

@memcached.with_connection do |dalli|

You can use ConnectionPool::Wrapper to wrap a single global connection, making it easier to port your connection code over time:

$redis = => 5, :timeout => 3) { Redis.connect }
$redis.sadd('foo', 1)

The Wrapper uses method_missing to checkout a connection, run the requested method and then immediately check the connection back into the pool. It's not high-performance so you'll want to port your performance sensitive code to use with_connection as soon as possible.

$redis.with_connection do |conn|
  conn.sadd('foo', 1)

Once you've ported your entire system to use with, you can simply remove ::Wrapper and use a simple, fast ConnectionPool.


Mike Perham, @mperham,