Method: Concurrent.monotonic_time

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Time calculations on all platforms and languages are sensitive to changes to the system clock. To alleviate the potential problems associated with changing the system clock while an application is running, most modern operating systems provide a monotonic clock that operates independently of the system clock. A monotonic clock cannot be used to determine human-friendly clock times. A monotonic clock is used exclusively for calculating time intervals. Not all Ruby platforms provide access to an operating system monotonic clock. On these platforms a pure-Ruby monotonic clock will be used as a fallback. An operating system monotonic clock is both faster and more reliable than the pure-Ruby implementation. The pure-Ruby implementation should be fast and reliable enough for most non-realtime operations. At this time the common Ruby platforms that provide access to an operating system monotonic clock are MRI 2.1 and above and JRuby (all versions).

Returns the current time a tracked by the application monotonic clock.


  • (Float)

    The current monotonic time since some unspecified starting point

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# File 'lib/concurrent-ruby/concurrent/utility/monotonic_time.rb', line 53

def monotonic_time