Module: Concurrent::Edge

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**Edge Feature:** Edge features are under active development and may change frequently. They are expected not to keep backward compatibility (there may also lack tests and documentation). Semantic versions will be obeyed though. Features developed in ‘concurrent-ruby-edge` are expected to move to `concurrent-ruby` when final.

A submodule for unstable, highly experimental features that are likely to change often and which may never become part of the core gem. Also for new, experimental version of abstractions already in the core gem.

Most new features should start in this module, clearly indicating the experimental and unstable nature of the feature. Once a feature becomes more stable and is a candidate for inclusion in the core gem it should be moved up to the ‘Concurrent` module, where it would reside once merged into the core gem.

The only exception to this is for features which replace features from the core gem in ways that are breaking and not backward compatible. These features should remain in this module until merged into the core gem. This will prevent namespace collisions.

This file should never be used as a global ‘require` for all files within the edge gem. Because these features are experimental users should always explicitly require only what they need.