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This gem allows you to retrieve tracking information from French Colissimo parcel delivery company. Unfortunatelly you won't get this information in a text format, but in an image format. That's fine for display though.


Add the colissimo gem to your Gemfile, run the bundle command.

require "colissimo"

tracking_code = "6C07437595437"

rows =

output == "<table>"
rows.each do |row|
  output += "  <tr>"
  output += "    <td><img src='#{row.date_base64_png}' /></td>"
  output += "    <td><img src='#{row.label_base64_png}' /></td>"
  output += "    <td><img src='#{row.localization_base64_png}' /></td>"
  output += "  </tr>"
output += "</table>"

If you are interested in just the latest status, you can save some bandwidth witht this option: => true)