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Posts SimpleCov test coverage data from your Ruby test suite to Code Climate's hosted, automated code review service.

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This gem requires a user, but not necessarily a paid account, on Code Climate, so if you don't have one the first step is to signup at: Then:

  • Add this to your Gemfile:
  group :test do
    gem "simplecov"
    gem "codeclimate-test-reporter", "~> 1.0.0"
  • Start SimpleCov as you normally would (more information here:
  • Set the CODECLIMATE_REPO_TOKEN environment variable (provided after you add your repo to your Code Climate account by clicking on "Setup Test Coverage" on the right hand side of your feed)
  • Run the codeclimate-test-reporter executable after your test suite
  bundle exec rake
  bundle exec codeclimate-test-reporter

Please contact [email protected] if you need any assistance setting this up.

Troubleshooting / FYIs

Across the many different testing frameworks, setups, and environments, there are lots of variables at play. If you're having any trouble with your test coverage reporting or the results are confusing, please see our full documentation here:

Upgrading from pre-1.0 Versions

Version 1.0 of the this gem introduces new, breaking changes to the way the test reporter is meant to be executed. The following list summarizes the major differences:

  • Previously, this gem extended Simplecov with a custom formatter which posted results to Code Climate. Now, you are responsible for executing Simplecov yourself, and then running codeclimate-test-reporter as a separate step in your build.
  • Previously, this gem added some exclusion rules tuned according to feedback from its users, and now these no longer happen automatically. If you are experiencing a discrepancy in test coverage % after switching to the new gem version, it may be due to missing exclusions. Filtering vendor, spec, or test directories may fix this issue.
  • Previously, during the execution of multiple test suites, this gem would send results from the first suite completed. You are now expected to run an executable packaged with this gem as a separate build step, which means that whatever results are there (likely the results from the last suite) will be posted to Code Climate.


Patches, bug fixes, feature requests, and pull requests are welcome on the GitHub page for this project:

This gem is maintained by Bryan Helmkamp ([email protected]).


Portions of the implementation were inspired by the coveralls-ruby gem.