cocoapods-git-tarball is a CocoaPods plugin that checks whether a pod is being downloaded from a git repo that supports tarballing, and uses HTTP download when this is possible. This saves a lot of time for large repos.


When you use a published pod, e.g. from the main spec repo, the source for the pod itself is usually published in a git repo. Cloning a git repo, even in a shallow clone, takes more time than would a plain tarball download.

This plugin hooks into cocoapods-downloader and modifies its behavior when a git repo can be downloaded as a tarball.

Currently supported git providers:

  • GitHub


Install with gem install:

$ gem install cocoapods-git-tarball

Or add cocoapods-git-tarball to your Gemfile:

gem 'cocoapods-git-tarball'


cocoapods-git-tarball is used by adding it to your Podfile like this:

``` platform :ios, ‘11.0’ plugin ‘cocoapods-git-tarball’

target :MyTarget do # Dependencies here end ```