CocoaPods Acknowledgements

A CocoaPods plugin that generates a plist which includes the installation metadata. It supports generating two styles of dependency information.

  • Settings.bundle compatible plist - This format is supported by a large amount of pods and works with Apple's

  • Full Podspec metadata plist - This format provides more information to the app allowing for deeper introspection, currently only CPDAcknowledgements works with this format.


Install via gem install cocoapods-acknowledgements you need to be using at least CocoaPods 0.36 and add plugin 'cocoapods-acknowledgements' to your Podfile. See below for examples:

Example usage

For showing your own UI inside your application:

plugin 'cocoapods-acknowledgements'

For embedding a Settings.bundle compatible plist

plugin 'cocoapods-acknowledgements', :settings_bundle => true

With a Settings.bundle compatible plist, offering the chance to run post-processing on the plist ( to add non-CocoaPods dependencies for example )

plugin 'cocoapods-acknowledgements', :settings_bundle => true , :settings_post_process => { |settings_plist_path, umbrella_target|
  puts settings_plist_path
  puts umbrella_target.cocoapods_target_label

The plugin will search through your project files to find a Settings.bundle file, and add the file to the bundle. If this is not enough for you, we'd love a PR.

You can exclude some dependencies so they won't be added to the generated plists. This is useful when you don't want to add private dependencies.

plugin 'cocoapods-acknowledgements', :settings_bundle => true, :exclude => 'PrivateKit'

plugin 'cocoapods-acknowledgements', :settings_bundle => true, :exclude => ['PrivateKit', 'SecretLib']

You can also specify a list of targets for which to generate acknowledgements. This can be useful to exclude test or extension targets.

plugin 'cocoapods-acknowledgements', :targets => ['MyApp']


The plist generated by this plugin is located under the root of your Pods directory.