A simple CloudSight API Client

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$ gem install cloudsight

Install the simple_oauth gem to use with oauth options.

$ gem install simple_oauth


require 'rubygems'
require 'simple_oauth'
require 'cloudsight'

Cloudsight.oauth_options = {
  consumer_key: 'REPLACE WITH YOUR KEY',
  consumer_secret: 'REPLACE WITH YOUR SECRET'

or, using a single API key:

require 'rubygems'
require 'cloudsight'

Cloudsight.api_key = 'REPLACE WITH YOUR KEY'


Send the image request using a file:

request_data = Cloudsight::Request.send(locale: 'en', file:'image.jpg'))

Or, you can send the image request using a URL:

request_data = Cloudsight::Request.send(locale: 'en', url: '')

Then, use the token to retrieve the response:

response_data = Cloudsight::Response.get(request_data['token'])

You can also use the retrieve method which will poll for the response for you:

Cloudsight::Response.retrieve(request_data['token']) do |response_data|
  p response_data