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Rackspace Cloud Files


This is a Ruby interface into the Rackspace Cloud Files service. Cloud Files is reliable, scalable and affordable web-based storage hosting for backing up and archiving all your static content. Cloud Files is the first and only cloud service that leverages a tier one CDN provider to create such an easy and complete storage-to-delivery solution for media content.

Upgrade Gotchas

As of gem version 1.4.8, the connection method has changed from positional arguments to a hash of options. This is the new style:

cf = => "MY_USERNAME", :api_key => "MY_API_KEY")

This is the old style, which still works but is deprecated:



This source is available on Github and the gem is available on Gemcutter. To install it, do

gem sources -a

sudo gem install cloudfiles

To use it in a Rails application, add the following information to your config/environment.rb

config.gem "cloudfiles"


See the class definitions for documentation on specific methods and operations.

require 'rubygems'
require 'cloudfiles'

# Log into the Cloud Files system
cf = => "MY_USERNAME", :api_key => "MY_API_KEY")

# Or, if you want to access the United Kingdom cloud installations, there's a handy constant:
cf = => "MY_USERNAME", :api_key => "MY_API_KEY", :auth_url => CloudFiles::AUTH_UK)

# Or, if you want to access CloudFiles from within the Rackspace network
cf = => "MY_USERNAME", :api_key => "MY_API_KEY", :snet => true)

# Get a listing of all containers under this account
=> ["backup", "Books", "cftest", "test", "video", "webpics"]

# Access a specific container
container = cf.container('test')

# See how many objects are under this container
=> 3

# Upload a file
object = container.create_object 'filename.txt', false
object.write file

# List the objects
=> ["bigfile.txt", "new.txt", "test.txt"]

# Select an object
object = container.object('test.txt')

# Get that object's data
=> "This is test data"


Initial work by Major Hayden <[email protected]>

Subsequent work by H. Wade Minter <[email protected]> and Dan Prince <[email protected]>


See COPYING for license information. Copyright © 2011, Rackspace US, Inc.