mu -- Cloudamatic Automation Tooling

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About mu

Mu is the deployer and developer toolset for the Cloudamatic suite of services, designed to provision, orchestrate and manage complex platforms and applications. At eGT Labs, we use mu for rapid prototyping of cloud migration efforts for federal customers, for managing cloud applications throughout their lifecycles, and as a tools library for cloud maintenance tasks.

Install instructions and tutorials:

API and configuration language documentation:

Quick Start

  1. gem install cloud-mu - Install the toolkit in your Ruby 2.4+ ecosystem. See our install wiki for other installation options

  2. mu-configure - Set up credentials to your cloud provider of choice. See the mu-configure manual for more.

  3. mu-deploy - Build something! This will make a complete public/private VPC:

cat <<EOF > myvpc.yaml
appname: myvpc
- vpcs:
  name: thisvpc
mu-deploy myvpc.yaml