CI Quantum

CI Quantum is a Continuous Integration, based on CIJoe gem.



$ gem install ciquantum
$ git clone git://
$ ciquantum yourrepo

Anvanced details see on original repo

Usage details

At current moment gem uses Unfuddle adapter, and must be configured for proper working with it

Expected options:

git config --add ciquantum.runner "command to do on build"
git config --add ciquantum.branch branch_name
git config --add ciquantum.buildqueue true
git config --add ciquantum.projectname project_name_to_show
git config --add ciquantum.coverage_path relative_path_to_coverage_report

Unfuddle (default) adapter: git config --add ciquantum.unfuddle.project unfuddle_user_name git config --add ciquantum.unfuddle.user unfuddle_project_id