Identify plugin

This plugin allows Cinch to automatically identify with services. Currently, DALnet, QuakeNet, KreyNet and all networks using NickServ are supported.

For QuakeNet, both the normal auth and the more secure challengeauth commands are supported.


First install the gem by running: [sudo] gem install cinch-identify

Then load it in your bot:

require "cinch"
require "cinch/plugins/identify"

bot = do
  configure do |c|
    # add all required options here
    c.plugins.plugins = [Cinch::Plugins::Identify] # optionally add more plugins
    c.plugins.options[Cinch::Plugins::Identify] = {
      :username => "my_username",
      :password => "my secret password",
      :type     => :nickserv,






The type of authentication. :nickserv for NickServ, :userserv for UserServ, :dalnet for DALnet, :quakenet for the insecure auth command on QuakeNet and :secure_quakenet or :challengeauth for the more secure challengeauth. :kreynet for KreyNet.


The username to use for authentication. Do not set this when using NickServ on a network that only supports identifying as the current nick (e.g. dancer-ircd.)


The password to use for authentication


The nick name of the service to send the identification message to. This option is currently only being used for :userserv and defaults to "UserServ".

Example configuration

Check the install instructions for an example configuration.


Be warned that, when using the :nickserv, :dalnet, :userserv, :quakenet or :kreynet types, the password will show up in the logs.