CI Joe

Joe is a Continuous Integration server that'll run your tests on demand and report their pass/fail status.

Because knowing is half the battle.

The Battle

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$ gem install cijoe
$ git clone git://
$ cijoe yourrepo

Boom. Navigate to http://localhost:4567 to see Joe in action. Check cijoe -h for other options.

Basically you need to run cijoe and hand it the path to a git repo. Make sure this isn't a shared repo: Joe needs to own it.

Joe looks for various git config settings in the repo you hand it. For instance, you can tell Joe what command to run by setting cijoe.runner:

$ git config --add cijoe.runner "rake -s test:units"

Joe doesn't care about Ruby, Python, or whatever. As long as the runner returns a non-zero exit status on fail and a zero on success, everyone is happy.

Need to do some massaging of your repo before the tests run, like maybe swapping in a new database.yml? No problem - Joe will try to run .git/hooks/after-reset if it exists before each build phase. Do it in there. Just make sure it's executable.

Want to notify IRC or email on test pass or failure? Joe will run .git/hooks/build-failed or .git/hooks/build-worked if they exist and are executable on build pass / fail. They're just shell scripts - put whatever you want in there.

Tip: your repo's HEAD will point to the commit used to run the build. Pull any metadata you want out of that scro.

** WARNING ** Do not run this against a git repo that has unpushed commits, as this will do a hard reset against the github remote and wipe out unpushed changes.

Other Branches

Want joe to run against a branch other than master? No problem:

$ git config --add cijoe.branch deploy

Concurrent Push's - a kind of "queueing"

Joe runs just one build at the time. If you expect concurrent push's to your repo and want joe to build each in a kind of queue, just set:

$ git config --add cijoe.buildallfile tmp/cijoe.txt

Joe will save requests while another build runs. If more than one push hits joe, he just picks the last after finishing the prior.


Campfire notification is included, because it's what we use. Want Joe notify your Campfire? Put this in your repo's .git/config:

    token = abcd1234
    subdomain = whatever
    room = Awesomeness
    ssl = false

Or do it the old fashion way:

$ cd yourrepo
$ git config --add campfire.token abcd1234
$ git config --add campfire.subdomain github

Checkin' Status

Want to see how your build's doing without any of this fancy UI crap? Ping Joe for the lowdown:

curl http://localhost:4567/ping

Joe will return 200 OK if all is quiet on the Western Front. If Joe's busy building or your last build failed, you'll get 412 PRECONDITION FAILED.

Multiple Projects

Want CI for multiple projects? Just start multiple instances of Joe! He can run on any port - try cijoe -h for more options.

If you're using Passenger, see this blog post.


Worried about people triggering your builds? Setup HTTP auth:

$ git config --add cijoe.user chris
$ git config --add cijoe.pass secret

GitHub Integration

Any POST to Joe will trigger a build. If you are hiding Joe behind HTTP auth, that's okay - GitHub knows how to authenticate properly.

Post-Receive URL

You can find the Post-Receive option under the 'Service Hooks' subtab of your project's "Admin" tab.


Want to run Joe as a daemon? Use nohup:

$ nohup cijoe -p 4444 repo &

Other CI Servers

Need more features? More notifiers? Check out one of these bad boys:

Does GitHub use cijoe?

No. We use Jenkins.




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