Cheddar Getter API Client for Ruby

This is a Ruby wrapper for the CheddarGetter API.

It allows you to interface with the Cheddar Getter API using simple calls, i.e.:

client = => "YOUR_PRODUCT_CODE",
                                   :username => "[email protected]",
                                   :password => "your.password")

  :code      => 'EXAMPLE_CUSTOMER',
  :firstName => 'Example',
  :lastName  => 'Customer',
  :email     => '[email protected]',
  :subscription => {
    :planCode     => 'THE_PLAN_CODE',
    :ccFirstName  => 'Example',
    :ccLastName'  => 'Customer',
    :ccNumber'    => '4111111111111111',
    :ccExpiration => '04/2011',
    :ccZip'       => '90210'

See the ‘example` directory for more usage examples. It is modeled directly after cheddargetter-client-php, the official PHP library, with a number of ruby-isms to make life easier.


This library should be installed as a gem. It is hosted on Gemcutter.

If you don’t have your system set up to use gemcutter, follow the instructions on their site, i.e.:

$ gem install gemcutter
$ gem tumble

This will install Gemcutter and set your gem sources to search the gemcutter repos.

Then you can install this library as a gem:

$ gem install cheddargetter_client_ruby


This library requires HTTParty version 0.4.3 or greater.

$ gem install httparty


Simply require this library before you use it:

require 'cheddargetter_client_ruby'

If you’re using Rails, you could include this gem in your configuration, i.e. in ‘environment.rb`

config.gem 'cheddargetter_client_ruby'

Check out the example to see usage details. You can also check out the Cheddar Getter API documention.

Copyright © 2011 Expected Behavior. See LICENSE.txt for further details.