Chargebee Ruby Client Library - API V2

This is the Ruby Library for integrating with Chargebee. Sign up for a Chargebee account here.

Chargebee now supports two API versions - V1 and V2, of which V2 is the latest release and all future developments will happen in V2. This library is for API version V2. If you’re looking for V1, head to chargebee-v1 branch.


Install the latest version of the gem with the following command…

$ sudo gem install chargebee -v '~>2'


  • Ruby 1.9.3 or above.

  • rest-client


For API reference see here


To create a new subscription:

ChargeBee.configure({:api_key => "your_api_key" , :site => "your_site"})
result = ChargeBee::Subscription.create({
	:id => "sub_KyVqDh__dev__NTn4VZZ1", 
	:plan_id => "basic", 
subscription = result.subscription
puts "created subscription is #{subscription}"


See the LICENSE file.