CloudFoundry UAA Gem

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Client gem for interacting with the CloudFoundry UAA server

For documentation see:

Install from rubygems

$ gem install cf-uaa-lib

Build from source

$ bundle install
$ gem build cf-uaa-lib.gemspec
$ gem install cf-uaa-lib<version>.gem

Use the gem

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'uaa'
token_issuer ="", "vmc")
puts token_issuer.prompts.inspect
token = token_issuer.implicit_grant_with_creds(username: "<your_username>", password: "<your_password>")
token_info = CF::UAA::TokenCoder.decode(["access_token"], nil, nil, false) #token signature not verified
puts token_info["user_name"]


Run the tests with rake:

$ bundle exec rake test

Run the tests and see a fancy coverage report:

$ bundle exec rake cov