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cartage-remote is a plug-in for cartage to build a package on a remote machine with cartage.

Cartage provides a repeatable means to create a package for a Rails application that can be used in deployment with a configuration tool like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, or Salt.

Synopsis & Configuration

cartage-remote is a plug-in for Cartage that builds a package on a remote machine.

# Build a package on a remote machine via SSH.
cartage remote

This can be configured in the config.remote section of the Cartage configuration file.

    disabled: false
    host: default
        user: build
        address: build-machine
        port: 22
        forward_agent: true # the default
      alternate: [email protected]:2222


Add cartage-remote to your Gemfile:

gem 'cartage-remote', '~> 2.2'

Or manually install:

% gem install cartage-remote

cartage-remote Semantic Versioning

cartage-remote uses a Semantic Versioning scheme with one change:

  • When PATCH is zero (0), it will be omitted from version references.

cartage-remote will generally track cartage for major versions to ensure plugin API compatibility.

Community and Contributing

cartage-bundler welcomes your contributions as described in This project, like all Kinetic Cafe open source projects, is under the Kinetic Cafe Open Source Code of Conduct.