Ruby client for Carrot2 - the open-source document clustering server

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First, download and run the Carrot2 server. With Homebrew, use:

brew install carrot2
brew services start carrot2

Then add this line to your application’s Gemfile:

gem 'carrot2'

The latest version works with Carrot2 4. For Carrot2 3, use version 0.2.1 and this readme.

How to Use

To cluster documents, use:

documents = [
  "Sign up for an exclusive coupon.",
  "Exclusive members get a free coupon.",
  "Coupons are going fast.",
  "This is completely unrelated to the other documents."

carrot2 =

This returns:

  "clusters" => [
      "labels" => ["Coupon"],
      "documents" => [0, 1, 2],
      "clusters" => [],
      "score" => 0.06418006702675011
      "labels" => ["Exclusive"],
      "documents" => [0, 1],
      "clusters" => [],
      "score" => 0.7040290701763807

Documents are numbered in the order provided, starting with 0.

Specify a language with:

carrot2.cluster(documents, language: "French")

Specify an algorithm with:

carrot2.cluster(documents, algorithm: "Lingo")

Get a list of supported languages and algorithms with:


Specify parameters with:

parameters = {
  preprocessing: {
    phraseDfThreshold: 1,
    wordDfThreshold: 1
carrot2.cluster(documents, parameters: parameters)

See supported parameters for Lingo, STC, and Bisecting K-Means.

Specify a template with:

carrot2.cluster(documents, template: "lingo")


To specify the Carrot2 server, set ENV["CARROT2_URL"] or use: "http://localhost:8080")

Set timeouts 3, read_timeout: 5)



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Everyone is encouraged to help improve this project. Here are a few ways you can help:

To get started with development:

git clone
cd carrot2
bundle install
bundle exec rake test