A simple integration wrapper for Capistrano and Cloud Foundry-based clients. Blue/green deployments are currently automated.


The features give an example of multi-stage usage. A simple Capistrano configuration is shown below.

require 'capistrano-cloudfoundry'
set :application, "env-test"
set :user, ""
set :passwd, "password"
set :target, ""
set :url, ""

The application can then be deployed in the following way.

# cap cloudfoundry


This code currently has no error checking, practically no features, and is generally dangerous. Use at your own risk.


Copy features/support/config.rb.sample to features/support/config.rb and modify with your own Cloud Foundry settings.

# bundle install
# rake


Please, please, please fork this, improve it, and issue a pull request. You know you want to.