Campfire Bot

This is a bot for 37 Signals’ Campfire chat service.

It has plugin support so you can make your bot do whatever you want.


gem install campfire-bot


Download the source from github


Create a config.yml in the root of the source directory. Use config.example.yml as an example.


To run the bot, run campfire-bot with the following parameters:

-c config FILE path to config file -e ENVIRONMENT_NAME environment name to load from config file -p plugin PLUGIN_PATH path to your plugins


campfire-bot -c config.yml -e production -p ./plugins


See plugins-example/fun.rb for an example plugin.

The old plugins that used to be bundled with campfire-bot are now in their own repo: campfire-bot-plugins

Known issues

[BUG] Bus Error

This is really an issue with EventMachine. If you are using this on a machine that has MacPorts, you’ll need to make sure that you build both ruby and eventmachine linked against the openssl in /opt/local, not /usr/local.

warning: peer certificate won’t be verified in this SSL session

A bug in net/http. Noisy, but harmless.

Original Author

Tim Riley – github | www | email