Simple Rails plugin implements synchronization of comments. is a real-time comment system with the ability to login via popular social networks such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, and many others.

Storing in local database make comments visible to search robots.


Add to Gemfile

gem 'cackle' 

Generate and run migration

rails g cacke_migration
rake db:migrate

Create config file config/cackle.yml See to get your keys

site_id:         12345          # Site ID
site_api_key:    blah-blah-blah # Account API Key
account_api_key: blah-blah-blah # Site API Key
jquery_off:      true           # Disable including jQuery if you already have it loaded

recent:                         # configuretion for recent comments block
  mcSize:        10             # how many comments to display
  mcAvatarSize:  32             # size of avatar image in pixels
  mcTextSize:    150            # length of message block if more shorten with '...'
  mcTitleSize:   40             # title length

Helper methods

Insert comments widget


Recent comments widget


Rake tasks

First time import. Warning clears all comments in base.


Syncronize changes. Should be called every 5 minutes by cron.



This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE.