Caboodle is a quick and easy way to create a mashup website

What a Caboodle-based site looks like out of the box:

How you set one up (assuming you are familiar with Ruby)

sudo gem install caboodle
caboodle create myproject
(Respond to some questions, such as setting the site's title)

cd myproject
caboodle kit:add flickr

Please set a value for flickr_username

Please set a value for flickr_apikey

caboodle kit:add tumblr
Please set a value for tumblr_username

caboodle kit:home tumblr
(Sets the Tumblr kit as the home page)

caboodle heroku:create myproject
caboodle heroku:deploy


Getting started includes instructions on how to use Caboodle without any assumed knowledge of Ruby, Git or Heroku which Caboodle relies upon.

Creating a Caboodle walks you through the process of setting up a Caboodle website.


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