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CableReady helps you create great real-time user experiences by making it simple to trigger client-side DOM changes from server-side Ruby. It establishes a standard for interacting with the client via ActionCable web sockets. No need for custom JavaScript.

Please read the official ActionCable docs to learn more about ActionCable before proceeding.

📚 Docs

💙 Community

🚀 Install

bundle add cable_ready && yarn add cable_ready

Checkout the documentation to continue!

🙏 Contributing

Code of Conduct

Everyone interacting with CableReady is expected to follow the Code of Conduct

Coding Standards

This project uses Standard and prettier-standard to minimize bike shedding related to code formatting.

Please run ./bin/standardize prior submitting pull requests.

📦 Releasing

  1. Bump version number at lib/cable_ready/version.rb
  2. Run rake build
  3. Run rake release
  4. Run yarn publish --no-git-tag-version
  5. Commit and push changes to the package.json file

📝 License

CableReady is released under the MIT License.