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A Ruby 2.0 debugger.


Just type gem install byebug or drop gem 'byebug' in your Gemfile and run bundle install.


Simply drop byebug wherever you want to start debugging and the execution stop there. If you are debugging rails, start the server in normal mode with rails server and once the execution get to your byebug command you will get a debugging terminal.


You can automatically load some configurations at startup by dropping them in the startup file .byebugrc, for example, set listsize 20. If you are coming from debugger, notice however that you no longer need set autolist, set autoreload and set autoeval because they are default options in byebug.


Everybody who has ever contributed to this forked and reforked piece of software, specially:

  • Kent Sibilev and Mark Moseley, original authors of ruby-debug.
  • Gabriel Horner, debugger's mantainer.
  • Koichi Sasada, author of the new C debugging API for Ruby.
  • Dennis Ushakov, author of debase, the starting point of this.