Business Time for Germany

The business_time brings business time & days calculations to ActiveSupport.

This gem pre-configures it for all german holidays, both fixed (Neujahr, Tag der Arbeit, Tag der Deutschen Einheit, Weihnachten) and moving (Easter & it's friends Pfingsten and Himmelfahrt). The easter date is calculated using the date_easter gem, Pfingsten & Himmelfahrt are calculated based on that, so no hard-coded values here.

The holidays are defined for (2000..2035), which should be sufficient (on Ruby 1.9 they can be defined much further up, but Times after 2037 tend to fail with time out of range on Ruby 1.8.7...)


gem install business_time-de
# OR
gem 'business_time-de'

require 'business_time-de'
7.business_days.after(Date.parse("2012-03-28")) # => "2012-04-10" (because of easter)

For more information on the usage of the business_time gem please check out it's documentation.


Copyright (c) 2012 Christoph Olszowka, Capita Unternehmensberatung GmbH. Released under MIT License, see LICENSE for more details.